Why netizens have been obsessing over 2G2BT since the release?

Filipinos are now hooked on this ongoing series, “2 Good 2 Be True,” starring the premier love team in town, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. It is now causing quite a stir on the internet due to its amazing plot. Since the series isn’t over yet, the cliffhanger is real! It makes you want to watch another episode as soon as one ends. You probably want to air all the episodes in one fell swoop. This ABS-CBN hit series can be streamed on IWantTFC,  Netflix, and on free TV and Kapamilya platforms. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should now; because you’re missing out. Spoilers have already been widely circulated online, so join now in discovering the story behind what most folks adore and appreciate.

The reason why it is well-loved by many stems from the fact that it gives a sense of belongingness to its viewers. It connects people to the core. It discusses relationships,  family, friends, truths, betrayal, trust, and unconditional love. The cast does an excellent job of portraying their respective roles. They naturally deliver everything and successfully convey the intended feelings; the dialogue, lines, emotions, and facial expressions are all spot on. 

Given that it is entertaining, the show is remarkably insightful, with numerous takeaways. Kudos to the director and the cast! Aside from the delivery, the story is getting more interesting with each episode, plus the soundtrack also adds an impact factor! Have you listened to Moira Dela Torre’s 2022 new singles, titled “Kumpas” and “Babalik sa’yo”? 

Hearing these love songs will definitely make you fall in love with the series even more. Moira’s song has the vibe to set the mood and atmosphere of a scene. The angelic singing voice and the superb acting will captivate you. It’s no surprise why these 2GTBT‘s active viewers have developed strong emotional attachments to the show. Indeed, a well-composed soundtrack is one of the factors that give rise to the greatness of a film. And it doesn’t stop there; apart from sound and music, acting, casting, and directing, this show’s cinematography is also noteworthy. You will have a great time watching and seeing how the Philippines is advancing in the filmmaking industry.

Watching this series feels heavy and lightweight at the same time. The good thing about 2 Good To Be True is it isn’t just pure heaviness or pure fun; it’s a mix of both— balance. If you miss weeping, laughing, or getting butterflies in your tummy, this is the show for you. You will definitely look forward to this series week after week. 

Embrace your heart for all the ‘kilig’ scenes in this KathNiel series! 

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