Check Out These Female Celebrities’ Casual Yet Dashing Outfits Spotted On Instagram

Instagram appears to be a venue where fashion icons can be found. Lots of TV personalities are showering us with free OOTD ideas through their Instagram posts. And Gen-Z surely wants to keep up with their idol’s sense of fashion. 

So, if you’re stumped on what to wear for a casual date or a fun night out, try out these celebrities’ outfit combinations, and you’ll never go out of style.

First on the list, Belle Mariano.

Let’s take a look at Belle’s simple yet sophisticated OOTDs. It seems like Belle is telling us that nothing could go wrong with white; you’ll just have to jazz it up with a stylish handbag like what she usually does. She is giving us a sense of minimalism, and we’re all loving it! ‘Cause who doesn’t love simplicity, right?

Let’s go over how Maris Racal pulled off these amazing outfits abroad! 

This young lady isn’t afraid to wear bright tones! She indeed has an eye for fashion. And it’s fascinating that she is bringing a modern casual Filipina look to other nations. Maris is the true embodiment of Filipina beauty. No doubt.

Andrea Brillantes and her chic and sassy rig-outs.

Andrea’s girly personality shines through whenever she wears anything that expresses this side of her- just like with those girlish skirts.  Such a gorgeous “kikay.” 

With all of these outfit lineups from these young ladies,  it is evident that their self-esteem is what makes them beautiful. The key takeaway here is that any outfit brings out its beauty when worn with confidence, and it’s all about how well you’ll carry them. 

And just a clever tip for you, Hoomans: Always flash a smile. Because your smile is the best thing you could ever wear. Then capture and share it on Instagram, as well. 😉

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