2022 Rising Stars: New Faces of Today’s Generation Tearjerker Artists on The Local Pop Music 

The feeling fostered by these passionate and heartfelt singer-songwriter artists is genuinely magical. You’ll feel different things in one sitting as you hear these solo artists sing their popular singles. These top local streamed artists on Spotify, namely Arthur Nery, Adie Garcia, Zack Tabudlo, and Ace Banzuelo, will make your hearts sink; whether you are in a happy condition, fresh from a breakup, or in a no-label relationship, there is no exemption. Lahat masasaktan!

Arthur Nery | Spotify

Photo by @ban.naga via Instagram

With Arthur Nery’s heartbreaking single, titled “Pagsamo,” Filipinos from all over the world (including me!) sing this out loud as it feels like the song itself takes a massive blow to everyone’s chest. It hurts!

From these lyrics,

To these,

Tanggal angas! (Losing one’s awesomeness) When you’re supposed to be over your ex, but every word that comes out of Arthur’s mouth has no mercy and will just hit you real hard. You’ll end up reminded of your failed relationship. *Insert heartbroken and crying emojis here!

Adie | Spotify

Photo by @ricamaelaya via Instagram

With the blissful love track by Adie Garcia, listening to his “Paraluman” will make you feel so single and hopeless romantic. What a reality slap! Everyone wants to be someone’s Paraluman. 

When Adie says:

Thaaat lyrics! 

It is a love song that is supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but this has been the opposite for lots of his active and casual listeners; they feel somehow jealous and lonely, but of course, not everyone feels that way; others still view the song as very lovely, calming, and that the emptiness they have been feeling for a long time was momentarily filled by this amazing song.

P.S: It is worth noting that it is one of Adie’s legitimate hits. 

Zack Tabudlo | Spotify

Photo by @renzonavarro via Instagram

Now, let’s go over Zack Tabudlo’s “Nangangamba,” one of his top-notch songs. 

If, at the moment, you are hesitant to embrace new love again. Well, listening to this eye-opening song will probably test your conviction in love. You’ll be tempted to take risks and have no regrets, even if it means hurting yourself again. 

These lyrics are making us so fragile! But admit it, what the song is implying really makes sense. Not all humans can wait indefinitely; if you keep playing hard to get, that person who truly loves you or who turns out to feel the same way as you might grow tired. You could lose that special someone in one snap. I think Zack ought to leave his listeners a question – Would you rather admit what your heart says, or would you just deny it and let fate decide? 

Ace Banzuelo | Spotify

Photo by Ysa Aranda via Instagram

This song, “Muli” by Ace Banzuelo, will put your self-worth to question. With these painful lyrics:

Listening to this will undoubtedly shatter everyone. Isn’t this so relatable? The song appears to be written specifically for us. The idea of waiting for someone and continuing to love him/her despite the pain that has been endured. It stings to the bone! With his emotional voice and heart-wrenching lyrics, it’s no surprise Ace Banzuelo became popular!

Wrapping up

Their angelic voices will surely dominate your thoughts- you can’t escape being LSS; the last song syndrome is real!

With millions of millions of monthly listeners, it is safe to say that these young talented musicians have dramatically earned their place in the hitmaker circle. And they are all deserving of the attention they are receiving right now. The spotlight they live in today is the juice of their hard work and burning passion for unleashing a masterpiece.

With all these tearjerking songs, keep playing with our emotions, boys! Please don’t get tired of doing such amazing crafts.

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