Top 3 Films That Hooked And Hit Us Differently This 2022

In times of uncertainty, we sometimes need someone to relate with. But watching great films is a great alternative when we don’t feel like talking to anyone. There are lots of movies out there that can help us express the feelings we hide from everyone and release the emotional baggage we have been carrying for

ALAMAT: A Real Multilingual P-Pop Legends Produces Masterpiece— Combining Modern Pop Music and Pinoy Cultural Identity

Another P-Pop group is now making its way up to the top! Filipinos are beginning to recognize what this group truly embodies: creativity and exceptional talent! It will come as no surprise if they turn out to be the next big thing in the Philippine music and entertainment industry. But aren’t they exactly a huge

GMA Brought Back Rizal’s Classic and Historical Novels To Life With A Compelling Twist

This time with a touch of modernity. The  GMA Network new drama series, Maria Clara at Ibarra, staring by Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose, David Licauco, and Dennis Trillo, reimagines the prominent novels of Rizal, “Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo,” through an enthralling and absorbing mixture of the old and the new. With

Asia’s Rising Star: The Standard of Beauty that Belle Mariano Exudes 

Belle Mariano is more than just a pretty face. Her beauty extends beyond her outward appearance; her soul is made of grace. It says a lot about why her name is Belle; she lives up to what it means: beauty. Belle is a woman of substance. She accepts herself for who she is. She does

Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Most Awaited Comeback of Every OPM Fan

Classic and Nostalgic- that’s what best describes Eraserheads. Eraserheads is known to be one of the most influential bands in the history of Filipino Music. Their songs have become deeply ingrained in the lives of Filipinos, most especially with the Batang ‘90s. Lots of Filipinos, avid fans or not, get a nostalgic feeling whenever the

SB19 Fandom: A’TIN Unconsciously Reinforcing and Enriching The Filipino Culture With Their Stan Houses

Among the multiple reasons why a lot of people living abroad adore and cherish SB19— this is what stands out: they feel like it connects them to their homeland. Due to the power that SB19 fandom holds, they are unconsciously reaching out to those who are experiencing homesickness overseas.  SB19 formed a strong bond with


Featured image: Shaira Luna/billboard SB19 was unstoppable in their quest to conquer not just the local big dome but the WORLD! This Pinoy Pop supergroup is making a big name for themselves! They have now captured the attention of millions of individuals all over the globe. And let our response be: “DESERVE!” Their dedication and

Modern Filipina– Redefining Success: Empowering Women Through Education

What is teaching like during the new normal? A teacher, a professional, and a mother by heart. A woman handled a drastic change in providing knowledge to her children- her students.  How does our second mother dauntlessly cope up with the changes she encountered in this phenomenon?  Students are often subjective about how they feel

 Modern Filipina– Redefining Success: Influencing Girl Power to Possess!

Woman, a five-letter word with limitless capabilities. Women are more than just pretty faces; they are caring, confident, courageous, and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  But hoomans, have you ever heard of the term “girl power”?  Without even knowing it, a 24-year-old Filipina from Laguna does have it. She has

Check Out These Female Celebrities’ Casual Yet Dashing Outfits Spotted On Instagram

Instagram appears to be a venue where fashion icons can be found. Lots of TV personalities are showering us with free OOTD ideas through their Instagram posts. And Gen-Z surely wants to keep up with their idol’s sense of fashion.  So, if you’re stumped on what to wear for a casual date or a fun