Top 3 Films That Hooked And Hit Us Differently This 2022

In times of uncertainty, we sometimes need someone to relate with. But watching great films is a great alternative when we don’t feel like talking to anyone. There are lots of movies out there that can help us express the feelings we hide from everyone and release the emotional baggage we have been carrying for a long time. 

Before 2023 arrives, let’s look back on these great films that made us cry our eyes out but made our year bearable simultaneously. But first and foremost, who among you feels like your pain tolerance increases whenever you watch a sad or traumatic movie? 

Who else, aside from me? 

It gives me a sense of realism and involvement. It makes me understand the crisis situation even more. I bet the same goes for many of you; it also helps you win the battle with your blues. It can lift your spirits when you’re feeling down—and perhaps make you feel more positive. 

Let’s now go through the top films that hooked and hit us differently, especially Filipinos, this 2022!

Doll House

Who wouldn’t appreciate the character of Baron Geisler in this feel-good film? 

I couldn’t think of any actor who can portray Rustin or “Tito Clyde” this well! He is exactly the right fit. If you are the kind of person who’s into family stories, this movie is perfect for you. It is about sincerity, love, second chances, and, sadly… our poor decisions. But there aren’t really poor decisions, only lessons learned that made us who we are now.

The film intends its audiences to leave them a heartfelt message that we can not bring back all the lost time, but we can make up for it if we choose to. It is never too late to start and try again. The film wants us to see that everyone has endless hope and countless reasons to change for the better. You just have to believe and not make things even worse when everything does not go according to plan. 

It was such a great comeback for Baron Geisler. Despite his past controversies, still, we cannot avoid the fact that he is a truly seasoned actor. Salute!

Ngayon kaya

This bittersweet film, starring Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez, explores the concept of perfect timing and the tragedy of unspoken words through the lens of a long-term friendship, the choice between pursuing your dreams, family obligations, and love. 

Ngayon kaya’  revolves around Harold and AM, whose story begins in their college days. Harold is a simple and shy-type working student from Dagupan whose life resonates with the enthusiastic risk-taker and passionate woman known as AM. These two leads formed a strong bond as they both had this intense love and interest for music. They eventually shared a dream of making a name for themselves in the industry (it turned out only one of them truly dreamed of it…)

The reality had to meddle with the future they were trying to build together. It’s like a matter of choosing whether to pursue an opportunity that will finally allow you to provide for your family or to stay with someone and create the kind of future both of you want without certainty. 

I think most of us can relate, especially the ones who are supporting their families. Do you agree?

That’s the kind of reality these two long-time friends had to face, and their choices weigh heavily on them. Their personal lives, as well as the growing signs of personal intimate feelings, formed an obstacle that shook their friendship and the life they have in the present.

Apart from the good storyline, we can’t also deny how good the song choice in this film is. The soundtrack offers a bang that evokes emotions from its audiences. Plus, it qualifies the music taste of all generations. Well… Mayonnaise is unquestionably one of the best in OPM history. 

(Deep sigh…) what a film filled with what-ifs and regrets. Must watch!

20th Century Girl

A romantic Korean drama film that dives into the bliss and hurdles of a high school first love and teen relationships. This sweet, emotional love story begins when a loyal girl named Na Bo-ra goes to great lengths just to help her best friend, Kim Yeon-du, end up with the boy of her dreams. However, the girl herself catches romantic feelings with the boy, and that leads them into a bittersweet confusion.

This film has made folks feel a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment you are smiling and laughing from all the wholesome rom-com moments, and then suddenly, a single scene will shut you down without any warning. I suppose the writers really intended to make us fall in love with every character, so they could easily hurt us in the end.  What an unexpected, heartbreaking story! 

Despite its downhearted tone, still, watching this makes me miss my high school years— the happy crushes and mini heartbreaks! Such a great film that will remind you of the good old days.

Puppy love stories will always be cute and entertaining to watch. We’ve all been there; we’ve all felt this young love. So, how about you? What’s your cutest love story to tell?

Wrapping Up

These top three are just some of the feel-good pieces the film industry has to offer. And watching these kinds of heart-rending movies is actually nice; it somehow feels therapeutic. It helps you have a good cry that can make you feel better.

And when you need that certain type of release, there’s no better way to let out a bucket of tears than a sad movie—so add these tear-jerkers to your list and get your tissues ready.

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