ALAMAT: A Real Multilingual P-Pop Legends Produces Masterpiece— Combining Modern Pop Music and Pinoy Cultural Identity

Another P-Pop group is now making its way up to the top! Filipinos are beginning to recognize what this group truly embodies: creativity and exceptional talent! It will come as no surprise if they turn out to be the next big thing in the Philippine music and entertainment industry. But aren’t they exactly a huge thing? I suppose they are. 

In case you missed it: ALAMAT has six members, Alas, Tomas, R-Ji, Taneo, Mo, and Jao. These six gentlemen came from different parts of the Philippines and banded together to start showcasing their culture and real talent through music. Despite their disparate origins, they share one thing in common: the eagerness to pursue their dreams— a true Filipino spirit.

Have you heard of ALAMAT’s revived Hiligaynon folk lullaby collab single ‘ILY ILY‘ featuring Lyca Gairanod? Please… Goosebumps! I will definitely agree with every Magiliw (ALAMAT fan); it is hauntingly beautiful.  The unique style and creative concept are there; you’ll be able to groove and get gooseflesh all at once with this hit song’s great rhythm. From the mesmerizing vocals to the lyrics and tone, everything is consistent. Plus, it is worth noting that ALAMAT improves a lot with each comeback. Considering the fact that their previous releases were great; still, they keep on progressing, and that’s a good thing.

Plenty more songs and music videos will prove that these competent high-performer gentlemen have something to offer. Solid choreography can be seen with every performance this group puts on, and it meets global standards every time. ALAMAT creatively incorporated Filipino culture, beliefs, local dialects, social issues, and traditional sound into a pop song. Stream Kbye, Aswang, Kasmala, Gayuma, Maharani, and more of their songs to get a clearer sense of how brilliant and artistic this group is. Once you hear their music, you’ll see what Filipino talent is like. 

Indeed, ALAMAT lives up to their name; they are authentic legends. By watching them perform, you can really tell that they have a much more promising future ahead of them. No cap! And as the hype for these six talented young artists grows, many of us, Magiliw or not, probably have the same question in mind: what’s next for this multilingual P-Pop group? 

Let’s all wait and see!


2 thoughts on “ALAMAT: A Real Multilingual P-Pop Legends Produces Masterpiece— Combining Modern Pop Music and Pinoy Cultural Identity

  1. Cana says:

    Thank you a great article about ALAMAT!! Just noticed the misspelling on one of the members’ name. It should be “Jao”. 🙂 Other than that, we appreciate all the great words in this po!!

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