GMA Brought Back Rizal’s Classic and Historical Novels To Life With A Compelling Twist

This time with a touch of modernity.

The  GMA Network new drama series, Maria Clara at Ibarra, staring by Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose, David Licauco, and Dennis Trillo, reimagines the prominent novels of Rizal, “Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo,” through an enthralling and absorbing mixture of the old and the new. With the creativity and originality the series exhibits, we just have to commend the entire cast for allowing us to understand Philippine history more from a modern perspective. Who would have thought of it, right? GMA Kapuso really made it easier for Filipinos, especially youth,  to discover and appreciate our country’s history. Indeed, the people behind this amazing storyline took their time to carry out legitimate historical fact-check just to offer their beloved audiences a story that impacts and instills. And that signifies their deep love for their craft.


This fantasy series is a must-watch. From the cinematography, script, cast, and setting, I can say that it is definitely one of the best Philippine tv dramas have to offer. It is worth noting that the monologues and dialogues were well-written, and the story allows us to distinguish how Filipinos in the past and in today’s generation talk, dress, and behave. It is fascinating and amusing at the same time to witness how the Philippine culture has evolved. No doubt why it is now earning the public attention it deserves, as it is intended not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes.

Clearly, Maria Clara at Ibarra is a testament to how far Filipino creativity can go just to mold a real art and masterpiece! Writers who worked hard to craft this story really go above and beyond just to provide Filipino viewers with a surprisingly good and worth-watching tv series. Historical references don’t always blend well with modern concepts, but not in this case. Maria Clara at Ibarra has a distinct charm and sense of goofiness that allures and delights its audiences. It has a pack of a good dose of humor and bags of lessons. And that’s what makes this series a gem.

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