Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Most Awaited Comeback of Every OPM Fan

Classic and Nostalgic- that’s what best describes Eraserheads.

Eraserheads is known to be one of the most influential bands in the history of Filipino Music. Their songs have become deeply ingrained in the lives of Filipinos, most especially with the Batang ‘90s. Lots of Filipinos, avid fans or not, get a nostalgic feeling whenever the EHeads’ songs come into play, reminding them of the good old days. Who wouldn’t miss the days when everyone in your class was jamming with the guitar and singing along to the EHeads’ most iconic OPM songs, right? Core memories! The highlights of one’s Pinoy favorite moments.

Eraserheads music is definitely a theme song of everyone’s life. The feeling is encompassing; there’s always a right song in every season, no matter the situation. It is so easy to relate.

Just like during your panliligaw days, maybe you could relate to the song “Huwag mo nang itanong.” From its lyrics:

Hika ang inabot ko
Nang piliting sumabay sa’yo
Hanggang kanto
Ng isipan mong parang sweeptakes
Ang hirap manalo

Can you recall someone? Can you still recall the days when you patiently courted someone but ended up… nothing? *Huwag mo nang itanong sa akin~

Or maybe we could all relate to the song “Pare ko”

From its lyrics:

Pare ko, mayro’n akong problema
‘Wag mong sabihing “Na naman?”
In love ako sa isang kolehiyala
Hindi ko maintindihan
‘Wag na nating idaan
sa ma-boteng usapan
Lalo lang madadagdagan
Ang sakit sa ulo at bilbil sa tiyan

We all have that one friend who’s always in trouble when it comes to love, but we have no choice but to offer emotional support because that’s what friends are for, right? We listen and rant to each other.

Let’s now head to “Alapaap,” where the lyrics are intended to relieve everyone’s stress:

Kalimutan lang muna
Ang lahat ng problema
Huminga ka ng malalim at tayo’y lalarga na
Handa na bang gumala

In today’s chaotic world, sometimes, we just need a song like this to calm us and keep us sane.

Eraserheads or stress erasers? You name it. This is what it feels like whenever I hear their songs in my playlist. Sobrang nakaka-goodvibes, ‘di ba?

This is why Filipinos around the world were absolutely thrilled when it was officially confirmed that the band that everyone loved, admired, and longed for would be returning to the stage this December. Eraserheads did not fail their solid supporters, as they also joined the overarching trend of 2022: the ultimate comebacks! After years of silence, concerts are finally back! And so does Eraserheads. It’s now time to head back out there! The universe has finally answered our prayers; no more “SANA ALL” for you, Eheads’ babies!

Concert Poster

Their Concert, “Huling El Bimbo,” named after one of their remarkable songs, will take place this December 22, 2022, at the SMDC Festival Grounds in Paranaque City. The said reunion concert is just three days away from Christmas! Tickets to the live show will be an ideal Christmas gift for every Eheads or OPM fan. Witnessing one of the Philippines’ great pride and honor is such a great way to spend the holiday season! Gusto mo bang sumama?

For additional concert info, you can check out their website for more details.

To all the Eheads songs, which one reminds you of your best memories, and why? Please share your stories with us; we’d love to hear them.

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