SB19 Fandom: A’TIN Unconsciously Reinforcing and Enriching The Filipino Culture With Their Stan Houses

Among the multiple reasons why a lot of people living abroad adore and cherish SB19— this is what stands out: they feel like it connects them to their homeland. Due to the power that SB19 fandom holds, they are unconsciously reaching out to those who are experiencing homesickness overseas. 

SB19 formed a strong bond with A’TIN as they shared their favorites that most Filipino love as well. This is where this Pinoy Pop group started to build bridges that connect Filipino and non-Filipino fans across different nations. And this is where the stan houses began. 

Let’s look into what exactly these stan houses are and how they mirror the Filipino food culture.

Let’s start with:

Ihawan (The Grillhouse)

The Ihawan is known to be the happy home of Josh’s stans. This is where you can find his BBQs.  It’s cute that Josh calls his fans BBQ, pronounced as [baby ko] or “my baby” in English. 

Josh, like an ordinary Filipino, is a fan of eating street food such as ihaw-ihaw. Ihaw-ihaw (barbeque) is one of the classic street foods that Filipinos will always love. It has been the country’s favorite! This is often seen alongside the busy streets where people would flock or roam around to buy and eat some.

Typical scene of Inihaw vendors


The Strawberry Farm

The strawberry farm is the home of Stell stans, the paradise of the Stellberies. Stell admitted that he loves strawberries, which may explain why he is the sweetest SB19 member. He would always remind his fans to look after themselves and not to skip meals. He’s such a sweetie!

But speaking of strawberries, there are a lot of ways to enjoy this sweet and sour type of fruit! In the Philippine Islands, particularly in Baguio, there are various delicious strawberry specialties that a lot of Filipinos would crave for.

Strawberry Taho

Taho is a traditional Filipino street food made from silken tofu, syrup, and tapioca pearls. It can be found all over the Philippines, but the best place to eat this is in Baguio. This famous Baguio taho variation comes with rich strawberry syrup and whole fresh strawberries. Probably, worth a try!

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam is Baguio’s most popular fruit preserve, and it goes well with almost everything. It is best to purchase multiple jars in one go. Filipinos enjoy spreading it on muffins and pastries. 

Strawberry Sinigang

Strawberries are commonly associated with sweet desserts, but the fruit also complements sour and savory dishes!  Particularly, the classic Pinoy favorite: sinigang. Strawberries can also be used to add a sour flavor to this typically sour broth. 

So, if you are a fan of strawberry flavors, these strawberry specialties in Baguio are worth the trip up to the mountains!

Next stop

The Freezer 

The freezer is the main home of Pablo’s stans. 

When Pablo admitted that he loves hotdog, all of his fans labeled themselves “Hotdogs”. That explains why this stan house is called “Freezer,” as hotdog is frequently seen there. Due to his inactive social media activities, Pablo has been branded “Ice Prince” by his fans.

Now that we’re talking about hotdogs, let’s take a look at how well it goes with the all-time Pinoy favorite food for every special occasion: spaghetti.

The Filipino style of spaghetti has plenty of hotdogs! That’s how much Filipinos love hotdogs. Any celebration in the Philippines is (somewhat) incomplete without spaghetti. Like pancit, as what Pinoy believes, spaghetti represents long life for the celebrant, so it is always served in abundance for visitors to sharon (take home food).

Plus, the typical hotdogs and marshmallows skewered on a stick and pinned in a whole pineapple or cabbage will always be served at a kid’s birthday party. One of the classics!

Now, let’s head to:

Manukan (The Poultry)

The home of Ken’s stans. Ken’s poultry is always open for everyone. 

Ken loves chicken and can literally eat chicken meals every day. It’s also amusing that Ken addressed his stans as “buang na manok” (crazy chickens) or mga sisiw (chicks). It’s funny, right? 

But, let’s go over why many Filipinos, including Ken, are so fond of chicken!

Chicken Adobo

It is a traditional Philippine dish and the majority’s favorite! It is well-loved by Filipinos as it has a distinct flavor and aroma that will make someone hungry. The combined effect of its sour, salty, slightly sweet, and slightly spicy flavors is what makes this dish so appealing! One of the best! More cups of rice, please!

Fried Chicken


The home of the Asia’s favorite crispy and juicy chickenjoy. The joy that comes with the first bite of chicken is really different. There is no doubt why this is Pinoy’s go-to place whenever they crave fried chicken especially Filipino Expats. In this famous chicken house, they feel the connection and happiness of being Filipino.

Let’s go to the last stan house, 

The Cornfield

The home of Justin stans. 

Justin, the youngest member of Sb19, is known for his corny jokes. The cute thing about him is that he refuses to admit that he has a lot of cringe-worthy remarks. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a charming young man who’s as sweet and steamy as steamed corn.

Steamed and Grilled Sweet Corn


For Filipinos, it is not a proper meal without rice. It is one of the irreversible facts about Filipino food. Bu the best alternative for rice is corn. This is commonly found on side streets and is served smokey hot. It is also delicious and best eaten when mixed into bulalo!


The classic ‘Bulalo,’ or beef shank stew, is one of the most popular and arguably most delicious Filipino stews.


Mais Con Yelo

Apart from the well-known Filipino dessert halo-halo, mais con yelo is a great treat in the Philippines as well. This is made with crushed or shaved ice that has been drizzled with a sweet, milky mixture. This is an ideal cold dessert for a tropical country as it brings a chilly sweet taste that is designed for the summer heat.

Sweetcorn (with Cheese, Sugar & Butter)

This is commonly sold in front of schools and offices. It is well-known for its affordable price, and it’s utterly delicious! No doubt why it continues to be a huge hit in the Philippines

The food in the Philippines is extraordinary! The kind of taste you’d crave and yearn for. 

Wrapping up

SB19 has such a large fan base! Without realizing it, A’TIN is promoting and embracing the Filipino food culture all over the world. They are extending the at-home feeling to their fellow Filipinos who live far away from their loved ones. These stan houses became a sanctuary for Filipinos who missed their native homes. 

These stan houses are more than just a fandom; they also represent the food that defines Filipino ethnicity. 

Kabayan! Keep supporting our own (sariling atin)!

The Award-winning Philippine Pop phenomenon SB19 kicks off their WYAT [Where You At] world tour at the Araneta Coliseum on September 17, 2022, Saturday night! So A’TIN, are you ready? Brace yourselves as this talented 5-member boy group will dominate the Araneta with their captivating music!

SB19 World Tour Schedule (2022)

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