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SB19 was unstoppable in their quest to conquer not just the local big dome but the WORLD! This Pinoy Pop supergroup is making a big name for themselves! They have now captured the attention of millions of individuals all over the globe. And let our response be:


Their dedication and a strong commitment to what they do are really visible through our naked eyes. Their talent proves that they are destined to have a spot in the world of entertainment. Their talent for singing, dancing, and making people happy is undeniable. Their charisma is overflowing! But before all else, let’s look at how the world welcomed SB19 before they came to the center of the frame and are now gearing up for their upcoming World Tour. 

Apart from being exposed to intensive training, of course, this boy group began with a goal in mind, continued to work hard, and made significant sacrifices in order to climb their way up to the top. They believe that one day, all of their efforts and sacrifices will be worth it. And, despite being criticized as K-pop wannabes or K-pop copycats or “koreanong sintu-sinto”, their burning passion is what drives them to push through without minding all the negative forces that surround them. They remain true to their core and steadfast in their roots. Passion is what fuels them to move forward and chase their ultimate dream.

When George (Jo) from The Hows of Us said: “Hindi tayo mapapakain ng passion na ‘yan!” SB19 would call it a bluff. They are living proof that nothing is impossible if you don’t let criticisms kick in. The best way to nurture your passion is to not lose yourself in the process. Think back to why you are doing this and what it is for. And just keep your feet on the ground at all times, as SB19 did.

Just look where their passion has brought them! They are now in the spotlight, where they can inspire millions of people. From trainees, now, to stardom! Indeed, SB19 is a product of courage and determination.  

This P-pop group will kick off their concert tour on September 17, 2022, with a sold-out ticket at the Araneta Coliseum, before heading to:

Cebu (October 1), Clark (October 8), and Davao (October 15).

Source: Ticketnet Online

SB19 will be flying as well to Dubai as they embark on their  WYAT (Where You At) Tour this year. Dates of their international live shows, including one in Dubai on October 29, 2022, have been unveiled. As part of their world tour, expect them to perform also in the UAE, New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore.  Don’t forget to mark your calendar, A’TIN!

SB19, the Southeast Asian pride, is now approaching the Global-Pop Market, and they seem to reinforce the idea that “Going International Is Not a Small Thing” in the Philippines. SB19 seems to be ready to see A’TIN and their fellow Filipinos proudly raise their flag! #FilipinoPride #ASEANPride


  1. Angelina Serafin says:

    I can’t wait to see SB19 to be known globally and achieve their goals. They are the pride of our country. I hope everyone in the Philippines support them , because talents like them only comes once in a lifetime. I know the Philippines is teeming with talented people but SB19 is one of a kind. They were the first to make it to Billboard and more firsts to come to our mahalima! Hooray to them for not giving up on their dreams!

  2. Wanna says:

    I can’t wait to see them soar high…tthis multitalented young men never cease to amaze us with their writing skills, creativity, and they are all music genuises… I love them they are my source of happiness!

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